Art in Islam

When it comes to the religion of Islam, the concepts of faith/worship generally come to mind, but ihsan, a distinguished member of this concept family, is ignored. However, faith becomes visible through ihsan, which means 'beauty, delicacy, elegance'. In other words, it is possible for a Muslim to fulfill religious obligations in a beautiful manner and for Islam to appeal to all humanity through art, which is an extension of benevolence. This is why the adhan is recited with a beautiful voice/authority rather than an ordinary voice, or the Suleymaniye Mosque is built as a place of worship instead of four walls. Another good example of this is that the text is not written simply to convey the message, but is also decorated with beautiful calligraphy.

In this blog, we present you magnificent examples of the art of calligraphy, which is described as "spiritual engraving created with physical tools", combined with our iron mastery of over 90 years. Some of the paintings presented here are designed to decorate your homes, some your study rooms or offices, and some your other living spaces. He hopes to introduce you to the aesthetic pleasure of calligraphy art, thanks to these distinguished paintings that inculcate feelings and values such as shelter, abundance, gratitude, protection and peace; We aim to take you on a peaceful journey in the spiritual climate of verses, hadiths and prayers.

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